Flyg, flyg

Från flyget kan man ju se en hel del när det är klart väder. Här kan man i bakgrunden skymta Vic.


Vic i fjärran
Vic i fjärran

Eller så kan man titta ner över en del av Barcelona.

Barcelona från ovan
Barcelona från ovan

Eller så kan man roa sig att ta bilder av andra eller av sig själv….

Diskussioner med medpassagerare
Diskussioner med medpassagerare
Selfie 1
Selfie 1
Selfie 2
Selfie 2
Selfie 3
Selfie 3

Till slut landade vi i alla fall, allas bagage var med och vi möttes på flygplatsen av Marta N. Hon hade dessutom med sig vatten och smörgås till oss. Mums! Sedan blev de italienska eleverna ganska försenade, så vi lämnade Barcelona först vid halv sju.


Efter väldigt långa köer vid säkerhetskontrollen var vi äntligen inne på flygplatsen och kunde ta det lite lugnt. Vårt flyg verkar dock bli lite försenat.

Kul på Kastrup
Kul på Kastrup
Undra vart de andra gick?
På väg till gaten
På väg till gaten
Kontrollerar boardingkorten
Kontrollerar boardingkorten
Hur ska man se ut på bild? Så här blev ju jättebra!
Hur ska man se ut på bild? Så här blev ju jättebra!

På Lund C

Då var vi alla på plats på Lund C, med pass och bagage. Snart dags för oss att hoppa på tåget mot Kastrup. Äventyret börjar!

Med sol i ögonen och pirr i magen
Med sol i ögonen och pirr i magen

Då börjar vi packa

Då har det blivit dags för oss att packa inför vår resa till Vic, strax norr om Barcelona. Lite svenskt godis har vi med oss till fredagens avskedsfest (innan dess vågar vi inte bjuda på djungelvrål!), men vi har också med oss ett gosedjur i present till våra samarbetsklasser.

Hälge packas ner
Hälge packas ner

En söt, liten älg blir väl en fin present? Kanske något att gosa med för den som eventuellt drabbas av hemlängtan?

My luggage


A few weeks ago, I was in Bulgaria on a cultural exchange. I lived with a very nice family in a little apartment. One day after school, I went to my room and I noticed something weird. I´m not a very tidy person to be honest. Everything in my suitcase lies in a mess. My host mother had been in my room and had cleaned up the mess. She had fold all my clothes and put them down nicely in my suitcase again. When I saw what she had done it made me feel uneasy and a bit strange. I thought it was a bit rude that she had looked through my personal luggage and stuff.

When the host mother fold my clothes/

  1. She was just being nice and wanted to clean up the mess.
  2. She looked for presents
  3. She wanted to check if I had any drugs or illegal things with me.
  4. She is a tidy person who can´t stand a messy bag.
  5. She felt like it was her responsibility and her task to keep everything in the home tidy even if it is a stranger’s luggage.


  1. This could be true. Maybe it is the most likely alternative. Many Bulgarians are very friendly and most of the Swedes need their own space and want to keep their things personal.
  2. It could be this. J Maybe not so likely.
  3. Maybe she was worried because I talked a lot and she I was a stranger so honestly I could be anyone.
  4. Not so likely.
  5. This could be true. She was the mother in the home and maybe she was the one who always cleans up for everyone. And she thinks she has the responsibility for me when I visit.


I went to Bulgaria on an exchange. On the second day at the Bulgarian school, it was my birthday so I told my friend about it. I thought he would say ¨I’m sorry for not bringing any presents¨. Instead he asked me where his candy was. I was confused because I didn’t know what he meant.

Why d120px-Chocolate_giftid he ask me about candy?

  1. Because he is a sweet tooth
  2. Because he wanted the candy back which he gave to me some days ago
  3. Because in Bulgaria you give your friends candy on your                                             birthday to show that you appreciate your friends


  1. That’s possible, but why ask me just after I told him about my birthday?
  2. Not so possible, because if you give candy to someone it’s a bit impolite to ask to have some back.
  3. In Sweden where I come from we get presents on our birthdays, we don’t give them (candy).

Addressing teachers

I was sitting in the Bulgarian classroom and needed help. So I called for my teacher Helene. When I said her name I noticed that I got strange looks from the Bulgarian students, but why?

  1. Because I had a strange voice?
  2. My teacher had a strange name?
  3. Because I didn’t call my teacher by their last name?
  4. I’m not supposed to call for help?


  1. If you look at someone who has a strange voice, you are not very polite person.
  2. Helene isn’t a strange name.
  3. Yes, it’s inappropriate to call your teacher by their first name. In Bulgaria you call them by their last name.
  4. Teachers are there to help.

Paying for a friend

When in Bulgaria, we were at a cafe. I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home, so I said I wouldn´t order anything. A Bulgarian boy offered to pay for me, but I told him it was not neccessary. He looked at me like I was weird and said that it was okay, he could pay for me, no problem. I laughed and said “no, it’s okay” and that I didn´t know if I would be able to pay him back. He kept looking at me like I was a little odd, and asked if that was a Swedish thing. I was a little confused but kept on talking with the others.

Why did the boy think it was weird I didn’t let him pay?

A) Everything was free at that café, he just said that he could pay to impress me.

B) It´s a tradition in Bulgaria to pay for foreigners, and it´s very impolite to say no.

C) It´s a little odd not to let people pay for you.


A) Probably not possible. It´s not that common that restaurants and cafes serve food and drinks for free.

B) Not entirely impossible. But if it was that strong of a tradition, the teachers probably would have told the students before so they would know.

C)In Bulgaria, young people are more likely to buy small food and drinks to each other, because it´s not that expensive with food, and it´s a nice thing to do. In Sweden, things are more expensive, and your friends expect you to pay them back if they buy you anything.

Drinking habits

158px-Glass_of_wine.svgA Swedish family is visiting one of their friends down in Bulgaria and they are having a nice meal, but the Bulgarian parents are offering wine to the children, but they refuse. The Bulgarian parents look a bit shocked and say  “It’s alright, we won’t tell your parents.” But now the children look shocked and again refuse the offer. Why?

A) The children had hidden cameras in their hair so the parents could see everything.

B) In Sweden nobody drinks alcohol.

C) The Swedish parents had bribed the Bulgarian parents to poison them and the children had overheard it.

D) In Sweden, youths drink a lot less alcohol.


A) Not likely. It’s wrong.

B)While people drink less alcohol in Sweden it’s still there.

C) I hope this isn’t true.

D) Correct. Many Swedish people have a relative who died or is hurt by drugs like tobacco or alcohol and that makes drinking a no-no. Also, we have Systembolaget which is the only company in Sweden that is allowed to sell alcohol and they don’t sell to people under 20.