Cheek kisses

When I got to Italy I first got in touch with the “cheek kisses” on the airport and her mum greeted me with cheek kisses. It was really weird but I didn’t think about it anymore.

Then the first day of school I noticed that they also gave cheek kisses to their friends.


  1. The italians give cheek kisses because it’s too hot so they can’t hug each other because they get overheated.
  2. the italians give cheek kisses because they like kissing each other.
  3. Italian people love practising kissing on people’s cheeks.
  4. Hands are too sweaty too be shaken.
  5. They give cheek kisses because it’s less intimidating.

Possible explanations:

  1. It is indeed very hot in Italy, but a hug cannot overheat them
  2. May be true, they seem to kiss each other as soon as they get the chance.
  3. Italians already kiss like pros.
  4. Although this probably is true, Italians don’t really care about sweat.
  5. BING BONG YOU WON. This is probably most likely because they want to have their personal space, and it’s more hygienic than handshaking.


When I arrived to my home in Italy, I noticed very quickly that the moms do almost everything at home. For example, when I tried to make my bed, my partner said:

“No! My mom will do it for you.” My partner’s mom didn’t work either. She stayed at home everyday and did housework. The dad was the only one working. I found that

very strange because in my family (and most other swedish families) the parents split the housework and both the mom and dad is working.

Why did the mom do all the housework?

1. The fathers only know how to make pizza, nothing else. And when they eat pizza, they ordered it.

2. The moms could easily get hit by cars if they would leave the house.

3. That’s the way it has always been. It’s their culture. No one ever thought of anything else.

4. Everyone earns very much money in italy, so it’s only necessary for one parent to work.


1. I don’t think this is the answer. Everyone in Italy knows how to make pizza.

2. No, everyone in Catania can get hit by cars when they go out, the traffic is so crazy.

3. Yes. I think this is the right answer.

4. No, this is probably not true. Of course some earn a lot in Italy, but not everyone.

Students coming home late at night

I chose to write about the curfews of getting home late at night. In Sweden my parents wants me to be home at like 22.00, if not, they will not let me go out for like 2 weeks, but in Italy they let their kids be out as long as they want to. I find that very weird, because I am used to come home pretty early, except if I have talked to my parents before hands and decided a time when I should be home.

  1. Because they trust their kids and there is a lot of people out.
  2. Because it’s a small island and no one can be kidnapped.
  3. They want a “night off” when it’s nice and quiet.
  4. They want to make their kids more social and have social skills when they get older.


  1. I think it’s this one, because in Sicilia, the kids are very nice to their parents, and it’s a lot people out in the streets so they see if anything happens.
  2. It’s probably not this one because there could be predators on the island.
  3. It could be this one, because teenagers can be very, very annoying.
  4. It’s good that they want their kid to be social, but I don’t think it’s this one, because the number 1 is more likely to be true.



Last week I visited Catania. It was such a beautiful city with many ancient buildings.  

But in Catania they don’t drive like here in Sweden, they drive crazy compared to us! Everyone’s everywhere and the only have themselves in mind, it even gets dangerous. When you’re going out you constantly have to watch your steps so you don’t get run over by a car. Why is this?

  1. Italian people are always late, so they are always in a hurry.
  2. They don’t care about their safety. They like to live on the edge, YOLO.
  3. They have no traffic rules.
  4. They don’t know how to drive properly.

Possible explanations:

  1. Even though it’s a stereotype, Italians are in fact always late.
  2. This is not so likely, some Italians probably don’t care but the most of them do care about their own safety.
  3. Of course they have traffic rules, there were even policemen on the street managing the traffic. But the policemen didn’t do anything when the driver’s drove in a crazy way.
  4. Most of them know how to drive properly, but they don´t think of it when they are in a hurry.


And the time???

The time in Italy isn’t the same that in Sweden. One swedish hour is like one hour plus twenty minutes (at least) in Italy.

One time the teachers told us to be in the school at 11:30. We was like five minutes late but when we came to the school the teachers wasn’t there. We waited for about five minutes and then one of the swedish teachers came and said that the other teachers was on their way. Ten minutes later the rest of the teachers showed up and the activity could start.

In Sweden we should got scolding because we were five minutes late.

Why was it like this?:

  1. Because one Italian minute is 100 Swedish seconds. One Swedish minute is 60 seconds.  
  2. They haven´t any clocks in Italy. They follow the sun.
  3. In Italy do they prioritize other things before the time.
  4. They know that everyone are going to be late so they don´t care about the time.
  5. The Swedish people are very punctual.

Which alternative is right:

  1. Don´t think so. One minute is the same everywhere.
  2. No. We saw people wearing watches and the most of the people we meet had a mobile phones.
  3. Can be true for some people.
  4. Yes, we think so.
  5. Yes, in Sweden it’s very important to be on time.