So when I were in Italy I noticed that the breakfast is different from the Swedes breakfast. The breakfast in Italy was mostly sweets and coffee/tea. In Sweden we usually eat sandwiches, yoghurt, cereal and we drink juice. It was really nice the first few days but it didn’t last long before I was hungry again.

Why do they eat sweets for breakfast?

  • They want to start their day with something nice and sweet.
  • They get a lot of energy after they eat a sweet.
  • They only have sugar in their country.
  • It is a tradition.
  • They are so ugly in Italy but when they eat a sweet they get cuter.


  • Yeah, most people would like to start their day with something nice and sweet, but that´s not our reason.
  • Yeah, most Italian people we talked to said this was the reason.
  • Sadly, no, they do not.
  • It is probably a tradition that has followed through generations.
  • Mmm, no. You only get fatter of eating sweets, sorry we are disappointed.


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