Trash cans

When I was staying with a friend in Catania in Italy, and I was getting ready in the morning or in the evening I washed my face with cleaning pads. And usually I throw them in the trash can in my bathroom, but I couldn’t because they didn’t have a trash can in their bathroom. So instead I had to put them back in my toilet bag and I kept them there for the whole week. Whenever I wanted to throw something away, there were no trash cans near. Neither outside or in the house. And the people on the streets were just throwing their trash on the street so it was a lot messier there than back home in Sweden.

Why was it like this?

  1. It could smell bad in the house if you had it inside.
  2. They don’t care if it’s messy in the streets.
  3. When they have to throw something away in the bathroom they just flush it down the toilet so they don´t need a trash can.
  4. There is a garbage truck that empties the cans everyday so they don’t need that many trashcans in the city.


  1. It could be a reason but there are those trash cans with lids so that you can close the trashcan so that the smell doesn’t spread to the rest of the room. So I don’t think it’s a good enough reason to not have trash cans.
  2. Well I think that most of people like it clean and a good smell in the air so I don’t think this could be the real reason.
  3. If I would flush down all the garbage that I use in the bathroom the toilet would get clogged right away. So for me this would not work but maybe it does for them, but it still doesn’t explain why there are no trash cans in the streets.
  4. This was the reason I was given. I guess it’s logical and we don’t have garbage trucks that pick up the trash every day, we have it like once a week. So if we had it like that maybe we wouldn’t have this many trash cans. And that can also explain why they only have one trash can in their house because they can empty it every day.







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