Last week I visited Catania. It was such a beautiful city with many ancient buildings.  

But in Catania they don’t drive like here in Sweden, they drive crazy compared to us! Everyone’s everywhere and the only have themselves in mind, it even gets dangerous. When you’re going out you constantly have to watch your steps so you don’t get run over by a car. Why is this?

  1. Italian people are always late, so they are always in a hurry.
  2. They don’t care about their safety. They like to live on the edge, YOLO.
  3. They have no traffic rules.
  4. They don’t know how to drive properly.

Possible explanations:

  1. Even though it’s a stereotype, Italians are in fact always late.
  2. This is not so likely, some Italians probably don’t care but the most of them do care about their own safety.
  3. Of course they have traffic rules, there were even policemen on the street managing the traffic. But the policemen didn’t do anything when the driver’s drove in a crazy way.
  4. Most of them know how to drive properly, but they don´t think of it when they are in a hurry.



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