Students coming home late at night

I chose to write about the curfews of getting home late at night. In Sweden my parents wants me to be home at like 22.00, if not, they will not let me go out for like 2 weeks, but in Italy they let their kids be out as long as they want to. I find that very weird, because I am used to come home pretty early, except if I have talked to my parents before hands and decided a time when I should be home.

  1. Because they trust their kids and there is a lot of people out.
  2. Because it’s a small island and no one can be kidnapped.
  3. They want a “night off” when it’s nice and quiet.
  4. They want to make their kids more social and have social skills when they get older.


  1. I think it’s this one, because in Sicilia, the kids are very nice to their parents, and it’s a lot people out in the streets so they see if anything happens.
  2. It’s probably not this one because there could be predators on the island.
  3. It could be this one, because teenagers can be very, very annoying.
  4. It’s good that they want their kid to be social, but I don’t think it’s this one, because the number 1 is more likely to be true.



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