When I was in Italy the Italian students wrote google, youtube or “web” as their sources on their projects and papers.In Sweden we usually have links to the website we used. For example: or

Why do they do that?

  • They are too lazy to write every link and websites.
  • They don’t have to.
  • The italians haven´t come that far in evolution.  
  • They don’t know how to link.
  • They never have the time to search for the sources


  • Maybe but we don’t know for sure.
  • This is probably the right answer, we don’t think that the student or the teachers think that it is necessary.
  • That’s pretty mean
  • Well hopefully they know how to link
  • Because they don’t think it’ necessary they don’t leave time to do it.

The conclusion is that they don’t think about it and don’t think it’s necessary – you only need to write google or youtube as a source


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