When I arrived to my home in Italy, I noticed very quickly that the moms do almost everything at home. For example, when I tried to make my bed, my partner said:

“No! My mom will do it for you.” My partner’s mom didn’t work either. She stayed at home everyday and did housework. The dad was the only one working. I found that

very strange because in my family (and most other swedish families) the parents split the housework and both the mom and dad is working.

Why did the mom do all the housework?

1. The fathers only know how to make pizza, nothing else. And when they eat pizza, they ordered it.

2. The moms could easily get hit by cars if they would leave the house.

3. That’s the way it has always been. It’s their culture. No one ever thought of anything else.

4. Everyone earns very much money in italy, so it’s only necessary for one parent to work.


1. I don’t think this is the answer. Everyone in Italy knows how to make pizza.

2. No, everyone in Catania can get hit by cars when they go out, the traffic is so crazy.

3. Yes. I think this is the right answer.

4. No, this is probably not true. Of course some earn a lot in Italy, but not everyone.


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