Cheek kisses

When I got to Italy I first got in touch with the “cheek kisses” on the airport and her mum greeted me with cheek kisses. It was really weird but I didn’t think about it anymore.

Then the first day of school I noticed that they also gave cheek kisses to their friends.


  1. The italians give cheek kisses because it’s too hot so they can’t hug each other because they get overheated.
  2. the italians give cheek kisses because they like kissing each other.
  3. Italian people love practising kissing on people’s cheeks.
  4. Hands are too sweaty too be shaken.
  5. They give cheek kisses because it’s less intimidating.

Possible explanations:

  1. It is indeed very hot in Italy, but a hug cannot overheat them
  2. May be true, they seem to kiss each other as soon as they get the chance.
  3. Italians already kiss like pros.
  4. Although this probably is true, Italians don’t really care about sweat.
  5. BING BONG YOU WON. This is probably most likely because they want to have their personal space, and it’s more hygienic than handshaking.


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