And the time???

The time in Italy isn’t the same that in Sweden. One swedish hour is like one hour plus twenty minutes (at least) in Italy.

One time the teachers told us to be in the school at 11:30. We was like five minutes late but when we came to the school the teachers wasn’t there. We waited for about five minutes and then one of the swedish teachers came and said that the other teachers was on their way. Ten minutes later the rest of the teachers showed up and the activity could start.

In Sweden we should got scolding because we were five minutes late.

Why was it like this?:

  1. Because one Italian minute is 100 Swedish seconds. One Swedish minute is 60 seconds.  
  2. They haven´t any clocks in Italy. They follow the sun.
  3. In Italy do they prioritize other things before the time.
  4. They know that everyone are going to be late so they don´t care about the time.
  5. The Swedish people are very punctual.

Which alternative is right:

  1. Don´t think so. One minute is the same everywhere.
  2. No. We saw people wearing watches and the most of the people we meet had a mobile phones.
  3. Can be true for some people.
  4. Yes, we think so.
  5. Yes, in Sweden it’s very important to be on time.



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