Where is the lock?

My first in day in Vic I tried to lock the door to the bathroom.  But I had a problem, there was no lock to lock the door. Here in Sweden we always lock the door and the bathroom is the ¨private¨ room.  So I was trying to pee and hold the door at the same time. I didn’t want to ask my host because I didn’t want to look stupid and dumb in front of him and his friends.

But why was there no lock?

  1. They are open minded and don’t care if someone disturb them when doing their business.
  2. For safety reasons, so no one gets locked inside or you can run out fast if a fire starts.
  3. So a friend or family member can come in and keep you company while you are doing the hard work.
  4. It gets easier to get more toilet paper
  5. Your parents can kick in the door and yell at you because you haven’t  completed your homework

Comments to the alternatives

  1. Maybe they are open minded but as a lot of other people they want to keep their private parts private.
  2. This is the right answer, still I can’t figure out why they don’t have locks for this reason. In Sweden you can easily be opened from outside with a knife or a ruler.
  3. This is just weird, you can maybe do it with your bff
  4. Usually you check if there is any paper left before you take the long road down. If you don’t check and it is empty, well you are in a bad situation.
  5. If they do this, please call me and I will talk to your parents and tell them that you are moving.


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