To be or not to be on time

I´ve noticed something unusual in the Catalan culture. One day after lunch we were on a break and went to my Catalan partner´s apartment to change clothes. After the break we were supposed to meet up at school at a set time because we were going to climb a mountain. As a Swede I think it is really important to be on time especially if I know that there are other people involved. I don´t want to make people wait for me and it shows a lack of respect. My partner on the other hand didn´t seem to care at all. I told her that we only had a few minutes left of the break. But she simply answered that it is okay, we can come late, and nobody will notice it. So we came late and like she had told me no one noticed or cared at all, even the teachers came late plenty of times.

Possible reasons for everybody to be late:

  1. Everybody is high and they don’t care.
  2. Time works differently in Catalonia and 10 minutes there is an hour in Sweden.
  3. The Mediterranean culture allows people to be late.
  4. People sleep too little in Catalonia and therefore everybody is too tired to be on time.


  1. Probably not.
  2. Time works the same way in the whole world so this is wrong.
  3. Correct, compared to Scandinavian culture, the Mediterranean culture is far less strict about being on time.
  4. While people sleep less in Catalonia compared to Sweden, this is too extreme.



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