School or prison?

One morning I and my Spanish partner were headed to school. We got on the bus and after a few minutes the bus stopped and my partner started to go off the bus. I didn’t know why, she said that we were going to go off at the bus station next to the school, but I could not see the school. I only saw a building surrounded by a high fence, almost prisonlike. But it was her school.

Why do they have a big fence around their school?

  1. The crime rate is so high that they need a fence to keep the students away from the criminals.
  2. It is not unusual that the kids gets kidnapped, because they are so good looking.
  3. Because of safety reasons, to know where the students are and to know that only students and no one else is in the building.
  4. The building works as both a school and a prison, all the students are secretly criminals.
  5. The people in Vic are starving so they need a high fence to capture birds and get food easily.


  1. Maybe not the most likely, crime rate in Vic doesn’t seem higher than in Sweden.
  2. Not so likely, because they are not that good looking. Let us be honest.
  3. Most likely, because they seem to like rules.
  4. Not so likely, they will need a stronger fence to keep the criminals inside.
  5. Not so likely, not even birds are not that stupid.

Fun fact about Vic:

All the people in Vic seem to love birds as companions and food.




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