Is everyone here?

One thing I noticed when I was in VIC was that the security is not the same as we have it in Sweden, not the security as locking doors and stuff like that. But security so that you don’t get hurt or lost. So this one thing in particular was when we were to climb a mountain, they barely knew if everyone was there. They were more like ”I think everyone’s here, let’s go” And we were walking split up in smaller groups with a distance of almost 1KM between the first and the last. And I don’t believe that that they had to fill any safety forms.

Reasons why they didn’t check on the students:

  1. They didn’t care about the students at all.
  2. They thought that the students could take care of themselves.
  3. They give the students more responsibility in the country overall.


  1. Not so likely, they still have the responsibility of the students
  2. This can be the case, but even if they think that they may not know for sure.
  3. This might be true and is mostly believable.


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