Hanging out

A month ago, I was in Catalonia on an exchange. I lived at another girls’ house and one day we planned that we were going to meet up her friends. Everything went just fine until we were going to decide at what time to meet. She asked me and without thinking I said “after dinner maybe?” She became quiet and looked a bit weird at me until she said “isn’t that a bit late?”

My host became quiet and looked a bit weird at me because…

  1. She did not eat dinner
  2. They usually not hang out in the evening
  3. Because they almost always go to sleep after dinner
  4. She didn’t want me to meet her friends


  1. Probably not, of course they also eat dinner, just like us
  2. Could be possible, but this isn’t the reason until why this critical situation happened this time.
  3. This is the right alternative, the Spanish people eat dinner very late compared to us in Sweden, so they usually hang out with friends before dinner.
  4. Could be the reason if she was embarrassed of me.


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