Being hungry

When I was in Catalonia, Spain, I was always hungry, ALWAYS. I was hungry in the morning, as well as in school. Some nights before I went to bed I ate my candy from the airport in Copenhagen because of my hunger. But why was I so hungry?

  1. They didn`t want me to eat their food
  2. They didn´t have food
  3. They ate during different times compared to Sweden
  4. They didn’t give me enough food


  1. This seems highly unlikely because often people are trying to be nice to their guests and welcome.
  2. This could be the case, but the people we met in Vic all seemed to have enough money for food.
  3. This answer is most likely to be the right on. In Catalonia they eat very late and much more compared to in Sweden and they go to bed after dinner so they don’t have to eat much breakfast. The reason why they don’t eat lunch in school (as we do in Sweden) is because they eat more when they come home and they don’t have as long days as us. They have fewer but bigger meals in Spain compared to Sweden, which we aren’t used to.
  4. This could also be the case, since I’m a sporty person who eats a lot!


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