Where is the lock?

My first in day in Vic I tried to lock the door to the bathroom.  But I had a problem, there was no lock to lock the door. Here in Sweden we always lock the door and the bathroom is the ¨private¨ room.  So I was trying to pee and hold the door at the same time. I didn’t want to ask my host because I didn’t want to look stupid and dumb in front of him and his friends.

But why was there no lock?

  1. They are open minded and don’t care if someone disturb them when doing their business.
  2. For safety reasons, so no one gets locked inside or you can run out fast if a fire starts.
  3. So a friend or family member can come in and keep you company while you are doing the hard work.
  4. It gets easier to get more toilet paper
  5. Your parents can kick in the door and yell at you because you haven’t  completed your homework

Comments to the alternatives

  1. Maybe they are open minded but as a lot of other people they want to keep their private parts private.
  2. This is the right answer, still I can’t figure out why they don’t have locks for this reason. In Sweden you can easily be opened from outside with a knife or a ruler.
  3. This is just weird, you can maybe do it with your bff
  4. Usually you check if there is any paper left before you take the long road down. If you don’t check and it is empty, well you are in a bad situation.
  5. If they do this, please call me and I will talk to your parents and tell them that you are moving.

To be or not to be on time

I´ve noticed something unusual in the Catalan culture. One day after lunch we were on a break and went to my Catalan partner´s apartment to change clothes. After the break we were supposed to meet up at school at a set time because we were going to climb a mountain. As a Swede I think it is really important to be on time especially if I know that there are other people involved. I don´t want to make people wait for me and it shows a lack of respect. My partner on the other hand didn´t seem to care at all. I told her that we only had a few minutes left of the break. But she simply answered that it is okay, we can come late, and nobody will notice it. So we came late and like she had told me no one noticed or cared at all, even the teachers came late plenty of times.

Possible reasons for everybody to be late:

  1. Everybody is high and they don’t care.
  2. Time works differently in Catalonia and 10 minutes there is an hour in Sweden.
  3. The Mediterranean culture allows people to be late.
  4. People sleep too little in Catalonia and therefore everybody is too tired to be on time.


  1. Probably not.
  2. Time works the same way in the whole world so this is wrong.
  3. Correct, compared to Scandinavian culture, the Mediterranean culture is far less strict about being on time.
  4. While people sleep less in Catalonia compared to Sweden, this is too extreme.


Hanging out

A month ago, I was in Catalonia on an exchange. I lived at another girls’ house and one day we planned that we were going to meet up her friends. Everything went just fine until we were going to decide at what time to meet. She asked me and without thinking I said “after dinner maybe?” She became quiet and looked a bit weird at me until she said “isn’t that a bit late?”

My host became quiet and looked a bit weird at me because…

  1. She did not eat dinner
  2. They usually not hang out in the evening
  3. Because they almost always go to sleep after dinner
  4. She didn’t want me to meet her friends


  1. Probably not, of course they also eat dinner, just like us
  2. Could be possible, but this isn’t the reason until why this critical situation happened this time.
  3. This is the right alternative, the Spanish people eat dinner very late compared to us in Sweden, so they usually hang out with friends before dinner.
  4. Could be the reason if she was embarrassed of me.

School or prison?

One morning I and my Spanish partner were headed to school. We got on the bus and after a few minutes the bus stopped and my partner started to go off the bus. I didn’t know why, she said that we were going to go off at the bus station next to the school, but I could not see the school. I only saw a building surrounded by a high fence, almost prisonlike. But it was her school.

Why do they have a big fence around their school?

  1. The crime rate is so high that they need a fence to keep the students away from the criminals.
  2. It is not unusual that the kids gets kidnapped, because they are so good looking.
  3. Because of safety reasons, to know where the students are and to know that only students and no one else is in the building.
  4. The building works as both a school and a prison, all the students are secretly criminals.
  5. The people in Vic are starving so they need a high fence to capture birds and get food easily.


  1. Maybe not the most likely, crime rate in Vic doesn’t seem higher than in Sweden.
  2. Not so likely, because they are not that good looking. Let us be honest.
  3. Most likely, because they seem to like rules.
  4. Not so likely, they will need a stronger fence to keep the criminals inside.
  5. Not so likely, not even birds are not that stupid.

Fun fact about Vic:

All the people in Vic seem to love birds as companions and food.



Is everyone here?

One thing I noticed when I was in VIC was that the security is not the same as we have it in Sweden, not the security as locking doors and stuff like that. But security so that you don’t get hurt or lost. So this one thing in particular was when we were to climb a mountain, they barely knew if everyone was there. They were more like ”I think everyone’s here, let’s go” And we were walking split up in smaller groups with a distance of almost 1KM between the first and the last. And I don’t believe that that they had to fill any safety forms.

Reasons why they didn’t check on the students:

  1. They didn’t care about the students at all.
  2. They thought that the students could take care of themselves.
  3. They give the students more responsibility in the country overall.


  1. Not so likely, they still have the responsibility of the students
  2. This can be the case, but even if they think that they may not know for sure.
  3. This might be true and is mostly believable.

Being hungry

When I was in Catalonia, Spain, I was always hungry, ALWAYS. I was hungry in the morning, as well as in school. Some nights before I went to bed I ate my candy from the airport in Copenhagen because of my hunger. But why was I so hungry?

  1. They didn`t want me to eat their food
  2. They didn´t have food
  3. They ate during different times compared to Sweden
  4. They didn’t give me enough food


  1. This seems highly unlikely because often people are trying to be nice to their guests and welcome.
  2. This could be the case, but the people we met in Vic all seemed to have enough money for food.
  3. This answer is most likely to be the right on. In Catalonia they eat very late and much more compared to in Sweden and they go to bed after dinner so they don’t have to eat much breakfast. The reason why they don’t eat lunch in school (as we do in Sweden) is because they eat more when they come home and they don’t have as long days as us. They have fewer but bigger meals in Spain compared to Sweden, which we aren’t used to.
  4. This could also be the case, since I’m a sporty person who eats a lot!