My luggage


A few weeks ago, I was in Bulgaria on a cultural exchange. I lived with a very nice family in a little apartment. One day after school, I went to my room and I noticed something weird. I´m not a very tidy person to be honest. Everything in my suitcase lies in a mess. My host mother had been in my room and had cleaned up the mess. She had fold all my clothes and put them down nicely in my suitcase again. When I saw what she had done it made me feel uneasy and a bit strange. I thought it was a bit rude that she had looked through my personal luggage and stuff.

When the host mother fold my clothes/

  1. She was just being nice and wanted to clean up the mess.
  2. She looked for presents
  3. She wanted to check if I had any drugs or illegal things with me.
  4. She is a tidy person who can´t stand a messy bag.
  5. She felt like it was her responsibility and her task to keep everything in the home tidy even if it is a stranger’s luggage.


  1. This could be true. Maybe it is the most likely alternative. Many Bulgarians are very friendly and most of the Swedes need their own space and want to keep their things personal.
  2. It could be this. J Maybe not so likely.
  3. Maybe she was worried because I talked a lot and she I was a stranger so honestly I could be anyone.
  4. Not so likely.
  5. This could be true. She was the mother in the home and maybe she was the one who always cleans up for everyone. And she thinks she has the responsibility for me when I visit.


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