Drinking habits

158px-Glass_of_wine.svgA Swedish family is visiting one of their friends down in Bulgaria and they are having a nice meal, but the Bulgarian parents are offering wine to the children, but they refuse. The Bulgarian parents look a bit shocked and say  “It’s alright, we won’t tell your parents.” But now the children look shocked and again refuse the offer. Why?

A) The children had hidden cameras in their hair so the parents could see everything.

B) In Sweden nobody drinks alcohol.

C) The Swedish parents had bribed the Bulgarian parents to poison them and the children had overheard it.

D) In Sweden, youths drink a lot less alcohol.


A) Not likely. It’s wrong.

B)While people drink less alcohol in Sweden it’s still there.

C) I hope this isn’t true.

D) Correct. Many Swedish people have a relative who died or is hurt by drugs like tobacco or alcohol and that makes drinking a no-no. Also, we have Systembolaget which is the only company in Sweden that is allowed to sell alcohol and they don’t sell to people under 20.


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