I went to Bulgaria on an exchange. On the second day at the Bulgarian school, it was my birthday so I told my friend about it. I thought he would say ¨I’m sorry for not bringing any presents¨. Instead he asked me where his candy was. I was confused because I didn’t know what he meant.

Why d120px-Chocolate_giftid he ask me about candy?

  1. Because he is a sweet tooth
  2. Because he wanted the candy back which he gave to me some days ago
  3. Because in Bulgaria you give your friends candy on your                                             birthday to show that you appreciate your friends


  1. That’s possible, but why ask me just after I told him about my birthday?
  2. Not so possible, because if you give candy to someone it’s a bit impolite to ask to have some back.
  3. In Sweden where I come from we get presents on our birthdays, we don’t give them (candy).


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